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The research and development project "Quantum Interface Development for Quantum Computer Network Construction" proposed by Professor Hideo Kosaka of Yokohama National University was adopted as Goal 6 of the following moonshot system (*1) (September 2020).
*1) The moonshot type R & D system is a new system that aims to create disruptive innovation originating in Japan and promotes challenging research and development (moonshot) based on bolder ideas that are not an extension of conventional technology.

Moonshot Goal 6: "Realization of a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer that will revolutionize economy, industry, and security by 2050."
While it is said that the progress of conventional computers is reaching its limit, quantum computers (* 2) that can meet the explosively increasing demand for information processing are attracting attention. In order to solve various, complex, and large-scale real problems at high speed with a quantum computer, the realization of an error-tolerant general-purpose quantum computer that executes accurate calculations while correcting quantum errors is the key. Therefore, this R & D program will promote hardware, software, networks, and related R & D.

* 2) A quantum computer is a computer that is expected to solve problems that cannot be solved in a realistic timeframe and scale with conventional computers by using quantum-mechanical phenomena such as superposition and quantum entanglement.
In the "Quantum Interface Development for Quantum Computer Network Construction" research and development project, we will develop a quantum interface that fuses quantum memory and optomechanical crystals in order to connect superconducting qubits and communication photons. By doing so, we aim to realize a large-scale superconducting quantum computer in 2050.